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Fit Kids: Month of the Military Child

By Linkan Marler The Defense Department celebrates military children during the month of April. When you see someone in uniform or someone who has served, you can say, “Thank you for your service.” We shouldn’t just honor military members, but ...

Fit Kids: Month of the Military Child2022-04-29T13:35:54-07:00

Fit for Fun: Get Outside With Your Family for Some Fitness and Fun

By Linkan Marler Stretch It Out! Here’s a great stretch for hips, back, hamstrings, and shoulders. First, sit on the floor with your legs straight and your feet as wide as they will go. Next, reach your arms out in ...

Fit for Fun: Get Outside With Your Family for Some Fitness and Fun2022-03-28T10:19:27-07:00

Fit Kids: Kettlebell Challenge

Kettlebell Challenge Hi, it’s Linkan back again with another Fit Kids monthly challenge. This month, we’re doing kettlebell swings and burpees. If you don’t remember how to do a burpee, refer to page 7 of the December issue of Epic ...

Fit Kids: Kettlebell Challenge2022-02-28T10:15:55-07:00

The 20 Burpees Challenge

Try the 20 Burpees Challenge By Linkan Marler My name is Linkan Marler and I'm 12 years old. I’ve been working out with my dad for as long as I can remember. Fitness has taught me to work hard, given ...

The 20 Burpees Challenge2022-01-03T06:18:05-07:00
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