By Linkan Marler

Stretch It Out!
Here’s a great stretch for hips, back, hamstrings, and shoulders.
First, sit on the floor with your legs straight and your feet as wide as they will go. Next, reach your arms out in front of you and lower your chest toward the floor. Hold for 20 seconds.

Muscle Up!
Buddy push-ups (you need a partner for this one)
Face each other and do a push up. At the top, high five your partner with your right hand. Do another push up and high five with your left hand. This is one rep. Try to reach 15 reps.

Fitness is a Family Affair!
Endurance: Soccer field sprint routine
This is my favorite sprint routine to do with my dad.
Find a rectangle shaped field and start in the corner. Walk the width of the field and sprint the length. Do five total laps around field and you will have completed 10 sprints.

As always, remember to study hard, stay hydrated, and eat healthy. See you next month!