Try the 20 Burpees Challenge

By Linkan Marler

My name is Linkan Marler and I’m 12 years old. I’ve been working out with my dad for as long as I can remember. Fitness has taught me to work hard, given me a way to deal with frustration, and has helped me in sports. I want to share the knowledge I’ve received with all of you through a series of monthly fitness challenges. This month’s challenge is called “The 20 Burpees Challenge.” First, let me explain to you how to do a proper burpee.

Step 1: First, bend down and touch the floor with both hands.
Step 2: Then, kick your feet back so you are in a push up position.
Step 3. Next, do a push up, make sure your body is straight throughout.
Step 4. After completing the pushup, jump your feet forward in between your hands.
Step 5. Jump up in the air as high as you can. This is one burpee.

The 20 Burpee Challenge
For this challenge, you must complete the burpees within 20 minutes. Press start on your timer and begin, checking off the boxes as you go.

If you finished the 20 burpees within 20 minutes, congratulations!

Try doing the challenge one to two times a week for the month. You’ll find that when you complete small manageable amounts of exercise, you can do more. You can use the same method for things like homework, chores, or other difficult tasks.