Back to School, Back to Fitness

Get in shape for sports tryouts with this fun workout.

Getting back to school means getting back to monthly fitness challenges. Some of you may be trying out for sports, like I am this year. With this in mind, I put together a sports conditioning challenge for myself that I’m sharing with you.

To get started, grab a friend, get three cones, and find a large, grassy field. Make sure you are fully warmed up, stretched out, and hydrated. Once you are ready, set a stopwatch and start…

Step 1: Set up three cones at varying distances in the field. Have your friend point to a cone. Sprint to the cone indicated and touch it before sprinting to the next one your friend points to. Sprint to and from the cones indicated five times. Do the same for your partner, alternating pointing for five sets each.

Step 2: Take turns doing 10 push-ups for 10 sets, until you’ve each completed a total of 100 push-ups.

Step 3: Place a cone 25 yards away. Do 60 jumping jacks while counting them out loud. When you are finished, do a fast bear crawl to the cone. This is one set. Do a total of five sets.

After you’ve finished the third step, stop your watch, and record your time. Each time you repeat the above workout, the goal is to get a faster time.

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