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Sari on Science: Tinted Tops

September 12, 2023|Science Lab|

This is a project that will get your (color) wheels spinning! There are seven colors in the visible light spectrum: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet (ROY G BIV). When all seven colors of light combine they produce ...

Sari on Science: Bath Bombs

December 15, 2022|Science Lab|

Bath Bombs Make a unique present for friends and family this holiday season. What’s more fun than bathtub bubbles? Bath bombs have been around since 1989 and have recently found a resurgence in popularity. With this activity, you can customize ...

Sari on Science: Backyard Bugs!

November 15, 2022|Science Lab|

Backyard Bugs! As the sun starts to set earlier this fall, here’s an activity to do on a cool evening with the whole family. Have you ever wondered why bugs follow the light? Or are you curious about just how ...

Sari on Science: Hydrogen Peroxide Volcano

September 14, 2022|Science Lab|

Hydrogen Peroxide Volcano As school is back in session, let’s take a moment to explore one of my favorite at-home science experiments. Grab an adult and get ready to get messy! The hydrogen peroxide volcano demonstrates how a catalyst works in ...

Sari on Science: Moon Magic

May 10, 2022|Science Lab|

Moon Magic Make your own impact craters. Make your own telescope at home! Try this experiment and see how the moon got its signature look. While you’re watching, look closely at the moon’s surface, and you’ll see it’s covered with ...

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