Summer is just around the corner! For many parents, that means it’s time to start planning activities for their kids to do. An activity you definitely need to consider? Summer camp! Not only is it fun, but it has a wide range of benefits for kids. Read on to learn a few of them.

Learning New Things

Summer camps are the ideal summer activity because they’re all about learning! But this learning is different. Learning at summer camp is hands-on and collaborative; it inspires creativity and curiosity, problem-solving, and solution-finding.

There are plenty of camps out there, from traditional sleepaway camps to day camps that focus on art, music, theatre, sports, science, or computer programing. When you choose a camp that your child is interested in, they’ll not only be entertained but also educated and challenged. While they’re having fun, they’re also increasing their own capacity for learning, problem-solving, knowledge, and self-awareness. And who doesn’t love that?

Promotes Independence

When kids go to summer camp, they experience time away from their parents. This independent time is important in helping children develop a sense of identity. This time is also helpful in letting kids learn to be self-reliant as they explore their interests and discover their strengths and weaknesses.

Raising a child that’s independent means teaching responsibility, encouraging exploration, and providing a safe environment to make all decisions independently. Summer camp is the perfect place for your child to learn these things as it nurtures these elements organically.

Teaches Resiliency

Another great life skills your kid can learn from summer camp? Resiliency.

Camp provides opportunities for children to face challenges and helps them practice in overcoming those challenges. For example, they might not win their first lacrosse game, but they will learn that practicing will make them a better player. Or they might not be able to read sheet music, but they will learn to not give up and to keep trying. Once they achieve their goal, they’ll feel stronger and more resilient than before!

Summer camp helps teaches the value of effort and helps kids believe in themselves as they overcome challenges with patience, determination, and a will to succeed. This is a skill they’ll be able to carry with them through life long after the summer camp bus drives away!

Nurtures Friendships

One of the greatest benefits of summer camp for kids is they get to socialize and meet new people. Not only do kids develop important life skills through socializing, such as sharing, setting boundaries, and problem-solving, but they are also learning how to develop strong, healthy relationships through interacting with peers.

A summer camp provides a safe environment to develop social skills and nurture new friendships. Children bond over their shared camp experience, and the challenges and fun they face together are the building blocks of a genuine friendship!

Eliminating Screen Time

Often, summer camp is the perfect place to get away from screens. Screen time becomes a problem when it prevents children from doing sports, playing with their friends, playing outside, reading, or doing their homework. Summer camps offer a rare opportunity to disconnect from the digital world and enjoy real life while also communicating face-to-face with kids their age. At camp, kids have endless opportunities to engage their minds in ways they’ll enjoy. It’s no wonder why more and more parents are loving camp for this reason!

Every camp applies its rules for technology differently. Some camps have a strict no-screens policy, while others allow mobile phones at certain times. Ask the camp if you’re unsure what their policy on technology is.

Making Memories

For many adults, their fondest memories were those fun summer camp experiences when they were growing up. It’s time to let your child make those life-long memories too! Along with gaining decision-making skills, social skills, and independence, they’ll make fun memories they can look back on as they grow. They may miss their phone and gaming system while at camp, but once they start making new friends, engaging in a variety of activities, and having new adventures, they’re sure to leave summer camp with stories, friendships, life lessons, and memories they’ll cherish forever.

Epic Kids is Here for Your Family

Summer camp provides kids with numerous benefits they (and you) will love. Whether it’s developing social skills or keeping children active during the summer, camp is a great investment in your child’s future. If you’re looking for sleepaway or day camps for your child this summer, check out the ones we recommend!

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