Stormwater Bookmark Art Contest

​Dozens of children participated in the Phoenix Water Department’s “Only Rain in the Storm Drain” bookmark art contest. Of the 93 entries by children ages 6 to 12, Environmental Services staff selected 16 finalists for official judging.

The judges, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego, City Librarian Rita Hamilton, Water Assistant Director Nazario Prieto, and Water Deputy Director Jennifer Calles, gathered at Burton Barr Central Library for the judging. They evaluated each entry for artistic quality, message, creativity, and clarity.

When the scores were tallied, Levi Wyatt, age 9, placed first, Chinmayi Adiga, age 12, placed second, and Winston Reed, age 7, placed third. Their artwork was turned into official bookmarks currently available for free at all Phoenix library locations, and they received a collection of Phoenix Water educational materials and souvenirs.

The bookmarks serve as a critical reminder that only rain should go in the storm drain. It’s an important message during monsoon season because it’s common for people to misuse storm drains by dumping trash and other contaminants in them that can end up in streams and rivers.

Phoenix Water urges residents to keep pollutants like litter, grease, oil, pet waste, and fertilizers away from storm drains. Remember, “Only Rain in the Storm Drain!” To learn more about what you can do in your home or classroom, visit Phoenix Water’s website


Young Artists Chosen as Winners of OdySea Aquarium’s Conservation Art Challenge

OdySea Aquarium asked kids 12 years old and under to craft an endangered animal made from recycled materials to celebrate Endangered Species Day and World Oceans Day. This year, 411 kids from across the Valley submitted incredible masterpieces using items such as cardboard boxes, egg cartons, paper towel/toilet paper rolls, plastic milk jugs, bubble wrap, shoe boxes, chicken wire, newspaper, soda cans, and plastic bottles. Every child that entered an art piece received a FREE OdySea Aquarium Admission Ticket and every work of art was proudly displayed at the Aquarium for several weeks between Endangered Species Day and World Oceans Day for all the guests to admire!

OdySea Aquarium’s Conservation Committee, comprised of team members from every department, chose some true standouts to win top prizes. The Aquarium hosted the winners (four of the five winners; one was out of town) and their immediate families as they were recognized for their hard work and effort! Each winner received a priceless, one-of-a-kind animal painting from either an OdySea African penguin or a California sea lion! The lucky winners were then surprised with a very special visit from Holly, an outgoing African penguin (an endangered species) that calls OdySea home.