By Gretchen Pahia

Families looking for a healthy spot to pick up a delicious meal need look no further than Pita Jungle. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner using nutrient rich ingredients in a fresh format and is a reliable spot to grab a meal with friends and family. And with several locations across the Valley, it’s rarely a trek for most folks.

Families on a budget will also be surprised at Pita Jungle’s affordability, especially for such fresh, healthy fare. There are a number of entrees less than $10 and the well rounded kids’ menu is affordable too. And added bonus, there’s also an emphasis on gluten-free and vegan options.

The starters on the menu are large enough to split or even enjoy as an entree. Options include a small or large hummus plate with one, two, or three difference flavors––traditional, roasted red pepper, and cilantro jalapeño. Hummus includes a pita or two. Other sharable options include blue corn nachos––a huge plate of organic blue corn tortilla chips, mixed beans, cheese, pico de gallo, fresh cilantro, and a seasoned yogurt sauce. Another tasty option, a spinach, four cheese quesadilla with cheddar, mozzarella, feta, and Swiss cheese on a lavash bread, paired with fresh spinach, and tzatziki sauce.

Entrees range from cold or sizzling salads, pita wraps and bowls, healthy burgers, wood-fired pizzas, signature entrees, specialty sides, and a handful of tasty desserts.

Pita Jungle offers one of the healthiest kids’ menus around. For kids ages 12 and under, they get to build their own meal by choosing one item from each category of grains and carbs, vegetables, protein, fruits, and a drink. The grain and carb options include brown rice, garlic potatoes, organic red quinoa, pita bread, mac and cheese, pita crisp, corn, or pasta with marinara. The vegetable options include cucumber slices, steamed broccoli, spinach, and steamed carrots. Protein options include turkey, chicken, hummus, lentils, or tofu. The options for fruit include a variety of seasonal fruit. A refreshing beverage of choice rounds out the meal.

For more information on dietary needs or menu options, as well as details on locations and hours of operation, visit