By Gretchen Pahia

Puzzle solving, team and relationship building, time management––these are all skills used while participating in escape rooms. Even better news––there are several entertaining escape rooms in the Valley to test your skills. Here are a few we had the chance to sample:

Escapology – SanTan
2162 E. Williams Field Rd., Gilbert.

Escapology is an original real-life escape room game experience. The rooms allow up to eight players to work together in themed rooms by finding clues, solving puzzles, and unlocking locks that free participants from the danger and sorcery that lies ahead. One of the most family friendly themed rooms at the SanTan location is Scooby Doo and the Spooky Castle Adventure. Don’t let the name fool you into thinking this is an easy solve. Be prepared to be challenged and work hard to beat the clock. Other family friendly rooms include Lost City, Antidote, as well as a few others that are geared toward an older audience.

The Nemesis Club – High Street
5350 E. High St. #109, Phoenix

If you’re looking for a spot with more technology, the Nemesis Club is exactly what you’re searching for. While this location only offers two escape rooms right now, they’re both very engaging puzzles and two of the most technically advanced rooms in the United States.

The Nemesis Club is hidden behind a secret door in a special location at High Street in North Phoenix, where arch enemies fraternize and create and play escape games with each other. The two rooms, Evil Robots (break into the lab and shut down the robot) and Mogollon Monster (scout for Arizona’s Bigfoot) offer two very different experiences. As a ticketed guest to the club, you not only get a chance to play a game but once you finish up, you can enjoy some delicious ice cream, shakes, and sundaes in the lounge courtesy of Soda Jerk Co. Milkshake Bar.

Puzzle Rides
Old Town Scottsdale & Prescott

If an outdoor escape adventure is more your style, then Puzzle Rides is absolutely up your ally. Puzzle Rides Scottsdale and Prescott is a mobile escape room-style scavenger hunt adventure on golf carts. Teamwork and special clues are used to solve a series of puzzles before time runs out. Family friendly experiences include Pirate’s Treasure Adventure, where you wear your pirate garb and swashbuckle your way through town, Wild West Heist where you try and find loot hidden by bank robbers, or Hijacked By Science, where you must stop a mad scientist from unleashing a powerful weapon. There are also adult-only rides and events, specifically geared towards the 21 and older crowd. And if you find yourself up in Prescott, there are a series of special puzzle rides to enjoy there.