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Occupational Therapist: Brittany McFadden Turns Playtime Into Progress.

Occupational Therapist Brittany McFadden turns playtime into progress.   Name: Brittany McFadden Profession: Pediatric Occupational Therapist (OT) at United Cerebral Palsy of Central Arizona Age: I’m 37. I started working as an OT when I was 26.   What do you do for ...

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Planetary Geologist: Lauren Edgar Operates Mars Rovers, Trains Astronauts, and Much More!

Name: Lauren Edgar Profession: Planetary Geologist Age: 37   What do you do for a living? I work for the USGS Geological Survey. My work involves operating Mars rovers, training astronauts, and doing fieldwork here on Earth to understand what we’re ...

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Career Day: Christine Hayes Uses Laughter Therapy to Help People Lead Better Lives

Laughter as Medicine Christine Hayes uses laughter therapy to help people lead better lives.   Christine Hayes Profession:  Program Director and Licensed Professional Counselor certified in laughter therapy for Southwest Behavioral & Health Services. Age: 46   What do you do ...

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Career Day: Jared Woosley Helps Change Community Perceptions About Intellectual Disabilities

Jared Woosley helps change community perceptions about intellectual disabilities. Name: Jared Woosley Profession: Director of Special Programs at One Step Beyond, a non-profit organization that provides educational, vocational, recreation and performing arts programs for adults (18+) who have intellectual disabilities ...

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