Hi! I’m Nicholas, your Epic Kids columnist. I’m a second grade CEO, and this month I’m blogging about teachers to honor the first week of May, which is Teacher Appreciation Week.

Here are six ideas for showing your teachers how much you appreciate them.

1. Get a personalized plant pot and put yellow lilies inside because yellow is a happy color and pretty flowers symbolize gratitude.
2. Fill a mason jar with your teacher’s favorite goodies. Some ideas: gum, little candies, erasers, and mini post-its.
3. With your principal’s permission, decorate your teacher’s classroom door with thank you messages and pictures from you and your classmates.
4. Plant a tree in honor of your teacher. There are many organizations that do it, like the Arbor Day Foundation.
5. If you plan on giving your teacher a gift card, slip it inside a new crayon box as added supplies for the class.
6. Hand-write a letter to your teacher about why you’ve enjoyed the school year. (Include a photo of you and her/him as well.) Here are my five reasons why I love being in Mrs. Bogardus’ second grade class:

Our daily class mantra is a great way to start the day. It’s: “Today, I will be kind, happy, and I will do my best.”
It’s been interesting learning about history like the Oregon Trail and the War of 1812.
We’ve been introduced to new books––I especially favor the “I Survived” series.
I think it’s cool to meet older students through our fourth-grade buddy activities.
We get creative homework assignments like the “Charlotte’s Web” diorama and biography presentations.

I hope these ideas have inspired you to show your teachers how much you care about them.

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