Retro-inspired milkshake bar serves up the goods

By Gretchen Pahia

Ice cream and milkshakes are a perfect summer treat – and while you can find sweet cold treats all over town- there are very few as unique and special as this!

Located at High Street in north Phoenix, The Soda Jerk Co Milkshake Bar is a retro inspired milkshake bar serving up some of the finest milkshakes and ice cream floats you’ll ever find. When you visit, don’t be surprised at the line stretching down the sidewalk. The wait is most definitely worth it.

What makes Soda Jerk Co. so much fun is the loving care they put into their desserts. And these are not wimpy desserts. These are full sized candy bars atop fresh scoops of ice cream with chocolate chip lined cups amazing frozen treats. Definitely enough for two people to share, that is if you’re willing to. As good as everything is, you’ll want to keep it to yourself.

And if you’re in the mood for something a little more subdued, traditional shakes and sundaes are available. There is also a good range of sodas available to help quench your thirst from the ice cream.

Started by Disney veterans, Soda Jerk Co. is an amazing dessert destination in Phoenix. And if you look close enough, you may find a little something hidden inside, behind a seemingly normal freezer door. Rumors circulate about something referred to only as the Nemesis Club. Tale tells of it being a hidden place, perfect for when you want to ESCAPE and relax from the troubles of the world and want a little ROOM for you and your closest friends. Again, it is only a rumor, but one may do well to look into it.

Soda Jerk Co. Milkshake Bar

5350 E. High St. #109

Phoenix, AZ