Slothee Wants Coffee
Book inspired by 8-year-old’s travels.

The inspiration behind kids’ book Slothee Wants Coffee comes from the love of exploration (and coffee). Written by first-time authors, 8-year-old Cameron Fica and his mom Nikki Pezzopane, it’s an educational, yet fun adventure that helps kids learn about different cultures, and making friends.

The tale follows Slothee’s travels from Costa Rica to Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Ethiopia, and Hawaii, in search of the perfect cup of coffee. On the way, he meets new friends and learns about coffee and culture.

For Cameron, an Arizona Connections Academy student, the book showcases his knack for research and love of traveling. According to his mom Nikki, Cameron has a passion for traveling and went on an airplane for the first time at 3 months old. Since then, he’s lived in three states, and traveled to 14 countries and 23 states.

Available for purchase at, the book is the first of the Slothee and Friends series.

A chat with 8-year-old author Cameron Fica

Did you come up with the idea for this book or did your mom suggest it?
I came up with Slothee Wants Coffee in Costa Rica. I was on vacation with Mom in Costa Rica and said, ‘Slothee Coffee.’ Mom said that would be a good coffee shop name. Because of Covid, we couldn’t travel anymore, so made it a book instead.

What are some of the ideas you contributed to in this book?
I helped Mom with the animals and their names. I also helped Mom with the countries and Googled a lot of things to help out. I like doing the social media for it too.

What do you love about sloths?
I think they are cute and think it’s funny that they only poop about one time a week.

What did you learn about writing and publishing during this project?
There is a lot to do and it takes a lot of time and hard work. We are always working on more things for Slothee and the new books.

What was it like working with your mom?
I like it. I love my Mom and she teaches me a lot of things, like social media. But I know TikTok better than my mom.

What’s next?
We are working on Slothee Still Wants Coffee and I helped with picking the counties and animals already. My mom said when I finish school this year, we will work more on it. It will come out next year.