What you need to know about scorpions!

Did you know that the first scorpion appeared over 430 million years ago?
That’s 200 million years before the dinosaurs appeared! At first these scorpions lived in water, but later evolved and were one of the first animals to appear on land.

You think you need a snack?
Scorpions can go almost a whole year without eating! That’s a lot of tummy rumbling. Scorpions have a very low metabolic rate, which means they can survive long stretches in between meals. However, most scorpions eat a few times a week.

What are the biggest and smallest scorpions?
The biggest scorpion is the Giant Forest Scorpion, found in India and Sri Lanka. It can grow as large as 9 inches in length, almost as long as a football. The smallest scorpion is the Microtityus, found in the Dominican Republic. It only grows to 0.4 inches in length – smaller than the size of your fingernail.

Watch out for that stinger!
While 75% of scorpion species don’t have venom potent enough to kill a human, there are a few that can potentially do some serious damage. The most venomous scorpion calls Arizona its home. The Arizona Bark Scorpion releases a powerful neurotoxin that causes extreme pain, and in very rare occasions, death. Luckily antivenom is available, and there has not been a casualty caused by this scorpion in the past 50 years.

Ow! That baby pinched me.
Baby scorpions are like miniature versions of adult scorpions. They have claws called pedipalps. They use their pedipalps to capture prey, to defend themselves, and to burrow. Unlike most other arachnids, baby scorpions don’t hatch from eggs; they are born live. As soon as it’s born, a baby scorpion will climb onto its mother’s back, joining its 30 to 50 brothers and sisters. The mother scorpion carries her babies for their first few weeks of life until they are big enough to survive on their own.

Did you know that most scorpions glow in the dark? When the sun goes down, grab a UV flashlight and see for yourself. Make sure to wear closed toed shoes and don’t get too close! You can find these glow-in-the-dark creatures on your block wall, in your rocks, near bushes, and near sources of water like your pool. Companies like Scorpion Repel offer nighttime scorpion hunts and will go out and help you find and capture scorpions to keep your home safe.

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