Alice Cooper is known for being a rockstar. His style is dark, different, and somewhat funny. He’s very famous and he lives in Paradise Valley! He has kids and grandkids who he loves dearly, along with his wife Sheryl. They’ve been married for a very long time.

What I love about Alice is he started the Alice Cooper Solid Rock Teen Centers. With two Valley locations, one in Phoenix and another in Mesa, the centers are cool because they offer free experiences and classes in music, dance, photography, art, production, and more. The centers are open to kids ages 12 to 20, so I’ll definitely be going when I turn 12.

I learned about Alice and his Solid Rock Teen centers because my mom (a television personality and magazine publisher) recently interviewed him and let me listen to it. I learned that he is from Detroit but basically grew up in Arizona. He says that living in Phoenix is like living on vacation. He went to Cortez High School and grew up watching “Wallace and Ladmo” (watch them on YouTube). His kids went to Hopi Elementary School.

The Solid Rock Teen Centers started because he says every kid has a talent. According to Alice, “We opened a place encouraging teens to find themselves. There’s no catch; we offer free private music and art lessons with a mission to help teens identify with creativity.”

To help fund the Solid Rock Teen Centers, Alice holds fundraisers throughout the year, including the upcoming Coopstock 2024 on April 13. This golf bash features live performances from Alice and his celebrity friends, Solid Rock teen performances, a live auction, and more.

When Alice was 15, The Beatles were fresh on the music scene. He says they were his music idols and his inspiration for wanting to become a musician. However, he says his band was never supposed to make it because they weren’t groovy, they weren’t hippies, and they scared people. But people loved the band’s unique sound, which because successful.

I’m now a big fan of his, especially because my dad often listens to him on the radio in the car.

To learn more about the Solid Rock Teen Centers and Coopstock 2024, visit

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