By Naya Seth

Meet Jacquelyn Fuchs, commonly known as Jax! This talented 11-year-old recently shone in the musical “Scrooge,” a professional production that featured only four kids aged 11 to 14.

Jax was introduced to acting at the age of 5, when her dance studio put on a production of “The Wizard of Oz.” Since then, she’s been unstoppable, taking on numerous roles in community and youth theater. Her credits include musicals like “James and the Giant Peach Jr.” and “Frozen,” as well as appearances in commercials, such as for Sullivan’s Tires.

Her big break came with her vocal coach informing her about “Scrooge.” Initially hesitant due to the commitment of moving to Tucson for a few months, Jax, encouraged by friends, decided to audition. Her acceptance into the musical marked one of her most thrilling experiences. On October 10, Jax and her mom relocated to Tucson, temporarily separating from her dad for about three months due to rehearsals and performances. She also began online schooling, which continued until December 30, alongside rigorous rehearsal schedules.

In the musical, she played two different characters: the younger sister of Scrooge who had passed away, and a little girl who sang Christmas carols around town in order to help her brother. Jax acted in both Phoenix and Tucson, with 52 shows over the span of two months, which was a big jump in the number of shows that she usually does (previously, the highest number of shows that she had done was around 19).

This was her first professional production, and she was able to do it while managing school and scoliosis. When she first found out that she had to wear her back brace for her scoliosis, she stayed positive and looked at it in a more optimistic light.  To balance school and acting, she would find time to do her work during breaks or times where she wasn’t doing much, and Jax says that both communication and prioritization helped her.

She has several different goals for her acting career.  One of her dream roles is Lydia, from “Beetlejuice.” This character has such a unique and opposite personality, and Jax loves a good challenge, both vocally and in acting. Jax would also like to play Little Red Riding Hood and Wednesday Addams. Going into other types of acting, like more commercials or movies, are also something that she hopes to do in the future. When she’s older, she’ll be working on the path to become a Broadway star.

In her free time, Jax enjoys both singing and dancing. She also loves hair and makeup and did her own for both in the musical!  Her favorite color is baby pink, and her favorite animal is cats. She has a cat of her own named Shadow.