For most people in the Valley, 2020 wasn’t exactly the year they hoped for. But as history has shown, adversity often leads to bursts of inspiration and creativity. That was the case for a local teen who was chosen to paint a one-of-a-kind Love Wall mural at the Outlets at Anthem.

Chloe Merriweather, a senior at Mountain Ridge High School, is passionate about art. For years she has been honing her artistic talent, working on everything from sketches and paintings to photography. When she learned she was chosen by Outlets at Anthem to create the Love Wall, Merriweather was grateful to design something that would bring joy to so many people in Phoenix.

“Now more than ever the world is hungry for connection and love in this very chaotic time,” says JoAnn Truax, Director of Real Estate Operations and Marketing at the Outlets at Anthem. “We were motivated to have the custom mural and selfie wall installation created as a way to inspire people to examine what’s important right now – love, kindness and connectivity.”

Merriweather was tasked with designing artwork to exemplify good vibes, love and community spirit in a time when people feel especially disconnected because of the global pandemic. The special mural is roughly 40 feet wide by 30 feet tall with a multi-colored heart as the centerpiece. The radiating heart measures about 10 feet tall and is painted in various shades of red, pink and white for a trendy, monochromatic look.

Surrounding the heart, shoppers will see colorful Xs and Os. The artwork took two days to complete and Merriweather’s mother assisted her on the enormous undertaking.

“I’ve never created such a large piece. That was a big challenge and I was excited to take it on,” says Merriweather. “I hope my artwork inspires more people to capture their own moments of fun, love and laughter with friends and family. It may seem like a simple thing, but the memories will last a lifetime. Ideally, I want this art to remind people that we need to reevaluate what’s important in life – to not sweat the small stuff and to choose happiness and love as our guide.”

Now that it is complete, people from across the state are encouraged to visit Outlets at Anthem and use the artwork as a social media backdrop to help spread the love and kindness message. The immersive selfie experience can be seen by searching #PinkWallAZ. It is in place through Mother’s Day.

Visit more information about the Love Wall at Outlets at Anthem, or to learn more about the events and activities taking place at the shopping center.