Photos courtesy of Leadership Society of Arizona

Oliver’s journey began in his middle school years, where the relentless workload of his advanced placement school left him stressed and disheartened. Concerned about his well-being and development, his mom sought alternatives that would reignite his passion for learning and everyday life.

Through research and exploration, she discovered the Leadership Society of Arizona (LSA), a nonprofit organization dedicated to equipping teenagers with vital life skills. After attending an LSA Leadership Getaway, Oliver found a supportive community and practical guidance from coaches who understood his struggles.

Empowered to take control of his education and personal growth, Oliver transitioned to LeadAZ Private School, a school managed by LSA coaches. With personalized coaching, he flourished in ways previously thought impossible. His enthusiasm for school was reignited, and stress became a thing of the past.

Now, Oliver thrives in his newfound freedom, exploring his interests and nurturing friendships. He leads by example, spearheading initiatives like daily school clean-ups, mentoring fellow students, and leading the schools Dungeons & Dragons club. Through his new activities, Oliver discovered a passion for storytelling, even lending his talents to editing and writing a newly published young adult novel, The Fall of Lobos.

With newfound confidence and purpose, Oliver embarked on his journey towards achieving the rank of Eagle Scout, dedicating himself to projects that uplift his community.

Supported by his coach and peers, Oliver no longer dreads school or homework. Instead, he embraces each day with enthusiasm, knowing he has the backing of his “village” to guide him.

Oliver has transformed himself from a student on the brink of burnout to a shining example of resilience and passion. His journey serves as inspiration to others, reminding us that with the right support and determination, we can overcome any obstacle and shine brightly in our pursuits.