Hi! I’m Nicholas, your monthly Epic Kids columnist. I’m second-grade CEO, and this month I want to better introduce myself and tell you about my business.

When Covid started in 2020, I was in kindergarten. My mom wanted me to do something creative and told me to start a business. Because I love getting crafty, she put a bunch of crafts on our table and told me to make something. Using a bunch of different items, I created a neat plane and thought making planes should be my business!

I decided to create DIY Plane Kits––kits where kids can make my planes themselves. Inside the kits are all the things you need to build the planes including a clip that can hold a photo and spinning wheels so your plane can blast off. I chose planes because I love to travel, and I wanted kids to imagine they could go anywhere they want with my craft planes.

Since then, my business went soaring. I have a bunch of DIY kit options for birthdays, holidays, and more––even accessories like a paint-your-own pilot. It makes me happy when people buy my planes especially because $1 of every sale goes to the Triple Heart Foundation, which gives books to NICUs all over the country (I was in the NICU too!).

Being a CEO is hard work, but I enjoy it. I’ve learned how to speak about my business and gain confidence in front of people. I’ve been on Good Morning America, NBC Nightly News, E! News, and more…in addition to being featured in magazines like People, Real Simple, and InStyle.

I have exciting news to share with you for the new year. This January, I’m launching a Get Creative campaign encouraging kids young like me to do something crafty and different. I’ll be selling super cool hats paired with DIY Mystery Kits. Stay tuned for details via Instagram @creationsbynicholas and creationsbynicholas.com.