Doubly Talented
Matthew Manion displays a natural aptitude for music and art.

Eighth-grade student Matthew Manion is a gifted self-taught musician and artist.

Presented with a ukulele at age 5, Matthew has since taken up the guitar and is constantly expanding his library of songs. He doesn’t perform for audiences yet, but is an excellent performer and has played for his teachers and classmates at AmeriSchools.

An equally skilled artist, Matthew has been drawing since he can remember. He works on his techniques and skills through daily practice. In the first contest he entered, his work earned a first-place award in Costa Rica, where he used to live.

Working with his favorite medium, a pencil, he’s recently shifted his focus from drawing animals to people. The 13-year-old is currently working with AmeriSchools’ art club on a school mural. He’s also drawing inspiration from the world around him to create artwork to submit to local competitions.

Among the qualities Matthew is known for is his curiosity; he’s never fearful to ask why or dive deeper into a topic.

“Matthew joined us during his sixth-grade year and, like a puzzle piece, he fit in perfectly with our school and community, displaying kindness, patience, and a positive attitude,” says one of his teachers. “When it comes to academics Matthew goes above and beyond, he is eager to participate and always does his best and then some.”