Horizon High School is buzzing with pride as its very own junior, Teraya Sigler, emerges as a world champion in the realm of international volleyball. Recently, Teraya, who occupies the position of an outside hitter for the U.S. Girls U19 National Volleyball Team, led her squad to victory against a formidable Turkish team, bringing home the gold medal.

This win is particularly noteworthy as Teraya’s team is the inaugural group to ever be crowned the Girls U19 world champions. Their ascent to this title was not a matter of luck or chance, but a testament to the relentless dedication, countless hours of rigorous training, meticulous drills, and the sacrifices made while travelling the world to represent their country.

Throughout the championship tournament, Teraya stood out not only as a pivotal offensive weapon but also as a bulwark in the team’s defense. Her skills on the court were instrumental in her team’s dominion over their rivals, propelling them to secure the world championship with a close but decisive 3-2 record.

A further feather in her cap, Teraya ‘s exemplary performance didn’t go unnoticed. By the end of the tournament, she had accrued an impressive total of 13 points, with 12 of those coming from her kills and one from a formidable block. Recognizing her prowess and contribution, she was rightfully dubbed one of the best outside hitters of the championship event.

When asked about her experience and the team’s journey, Teraya was effusive in her praise for her teammates, describing them as fighters with an unparalleled spirit and an insatiable fire to win, with every member playing their part toward a collective goal.

As celebrations continue and accolades pour in for the young champion, PVSchools join in the revelry. They extend their hearty congratulations to Teraya, marking her achievement not just as a victory for the school but as an inspiration for budding athletes everywhere.

If you’re curious to delve deeper into the accomplishments of this phenomenal team, their intricate statistics, or want a detailed look at the memorable world championship, visit usavolleyball.org.