The Little Gym of Cave Creek
Serious fun that makes a difference to local kids and families

By Michelle Talsma Everson

After not one but two successful careers, local entrepreneur Dan Drummond wanted to use his entrepreneurial spirit and know-how to make a difference in the community. The answer? Founding The Little Gym of Cave Creek, located at 29455 N. Cave Creek Road, Suite 102, conveniently located at Tatum and Cave Creek Roads.

“The Little Gym of Cave Creek is so much more than a kids’ gym,” Drummond shares. “Opening The Little Gym of Cave Creek was the culmination of a great deal of research, a desire to give back to the community and make a difference, and months of training.”

A Business Created by a Busy Family, For Busy Families

Drummond and his wife Marla Bradbury have lived in the Valley over 16 years and raised both of their sons, ages 11 and 12, here as well. Drummond shares that he enjoyed a successful career in the U.S. Air Force, then went on to succeed in restaurant marketing, working for well-known national brands.

Because of his marketing work, Drummond had to commute weekly from the Valley to Texas and back again. With a desire to travel less and be home more, he began to look for franchise business opportunities. He found The Little Gym brand and immediately thought it would be the perfect fit.

“We had no desire to leave the Valley; this is home for my family,” Drummond says. “I wanted to look for franchise opportunities that also made a difference in the community. The Little Gym was ideal for that because it helps children to build their self confidence in a positive and nurturing environment.”

The Little Gym of Cave Creek Difference

Drummond says that The Little Gym stands out because of its proprietary Three-Dimensional Learning philosophy that is 45 years in the making.

The company describes it like this: “The Little Gym of Cave Creek: our environment is fun, but our purpose is serious. That’s why we embrace a proprietary philosophy called Three-Dimensional Learning, in which physical activity is a conduit for nurturing your whole child. The Three-Dimensional Learning approach to skill development means that every class we offer fosters growth in three holistic dimensions—Brain Boost!, Get Moving! and Citizen Kid!. Each dimension of learning helps your child grow into a well-rounded, well-adjusted super kid.”

According to The Little Gym of Cave Creek, the three pillars work like this:
Get Moving: Developing strength, balance, flexibility, agility and coordination.
Brain Boost: Nurturing listening skills, imagination, concentration and decision-making.
Citizen Kid: Promoting sharing, teamwork, cooperation and leadership.

“The Little Gym of Cave Creek is special because, through these three philosophies, it helps to contribute to the growth of local kids,” Drummond shares.

The Little Gym of Cave Creek caters to children ages four months to twelve years old through quality movement, gymnastics, and dance classes offered at a variety of convenient dates and times. And, with a nearby location of Tatum and Cave Creek Roads, it’s also convenient for local families.

Classes Offered Include:
Parent and child movement classes for babies and toddlers ages four months to three years. “Our Parent/Child classes promote early development and provide a strong foundation for your child’s critical first three years.”
Pre-K gymnastics for children ages three to six. These classes, “Help your child channel their boundless energy and reach developmental milestones in a structured environment.”
Gymnastics for grade school age kids (ages 6-12). “Your big kid will flip at the chance to tackle new challenges at their own skill level in a super fun environment.”
Fun dance classes for kids ages three to twelve. “For your living room leaper, bedroom ballerina, and budding break dancer, we offer the perfect program to harness all that toe-tapping energy.”

Only open two years, Drummond is proud to let local families know that The Little Gym of Cave Creek is a training gym for other franchisees. Essentially, if another entrepreneur wants to know how it’s done, they come to The Little Gym of Cave Creek to learn. “That’s important because it means we are adhering to the quality curriculum and teaching the classes the way they were meant to be taught—backed up by 45 years of knowledge and taught by great instructors,” he explains.

For parents of older kids who want to do gymnastics, The Little Gym of Cave Creek is the place. “One misconception we often come across is that parents don’t realize that we teach classes for school age children too, and it’s real gymnastics classes taught by amazing, experienced instructors,” he shares.

As a dad to his own two active boys, what Drummond says stands out about classes at The Little Gym of Cave Creek is the positive environment. “We teach great classes here; the instructors are always excited for the kids’ firsts and there is always a lot of positive energy in each class and interaction,” he explains.

For parents and caregivers who are concerned about health and safety, Drummond and his team assure that the gym is extremely clean. “We clean and disinfect everything daily,” he asserts.

Moving into the future, Drummond hopes to see more families join in the fun at The Little Gym of Cave Creek so the business can grow and expand its offerings. Eventually, he’d like to offer more practice times (there are already a variety to choose from), and special events like parties and parent night outs.

“I consider this my third career and, hands down, it’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done,” he says. “Nothing compares to seeing the joy on the kids’ faces when they are in classes here at The Little Gym of Cave Creek.”

Interested families can try their first class at The Little Gym of Cave Creek free of charge. Then, once signed up, it’s a low monthly fee to reserve a spot in a weekly class. The Little Gym of Cave Creek is located at Tatum and Cave Creek Roads. To learn more, visit or call 480-977-1555.