Big Brothers Big Sisters brings children and teens together with caring, positive adult role models through professionally supported one-to-one mentoring friendships. Together they clear a path to success by breaking societal barriers, closing opportunity gaps, and overcoming adversities.

A Big Brother or Big Sister spends time with the Little Brother or Little Sister with whom they’ve been matched. In this Community-Based Program, this means that the Big Brother/Sister will pick up the child from home two to four times a month for a couple of hours or more at a time. In the Site-Based Program, it means that they will spend 60 minutes together once every other week after school during the school year, in a group setting. In both types of programs, time spent between a child and their Big means that they will engage in meaningful conversations in which the Big is encouraging the child in pursuit of his/her goals and sharing helpful life perspective.

Epic Kids sat down with Grace, who’s a big sister to 8-year-old fourth-grader Autumn, and Autumn’s mom to learn how the program works for them.

Why did you get involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters?

Grace (Big Sister): I got involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters because I believe in the mission of what we are doing. I believe that lives can be changed for the better through one-to-one mentoring. I have also always loved working with children and knew that being a Big would be a fun and positive experience.

Autumn’s mother: To have someone Autumn can have as a role model outside of the home. We don’t really have family besides who’s in the home.

What has your participation in Big Brothers Big Sisters added to your life?

Grace (Big Sister): Being a part of the program and having Autumn as my Little Sister has allowed me to experience so much joy. We always have so much fun together and she reminds me what it’s like to just live in the present moment.

Autumn’s mother: Autumn gets to do things that she wouldn’t get to and gets some time away from the house just for herself with someone who is caring and a great person.

What’s your favorite thing about being involved in Big Brothers Big Sisters?

Grace (Big Sister): My favorite part of being involved with Big Brothers Big Sisters is just getting to spend time with Autumn and get to know her family. Autumn and I have so much fun together and I get to be a partner with her parents to share positive guidance and support for Autumn. We also have a great program specialist who supports our match and that is incredibly helpful to the success of our friendship.

Autumn’s mother: Having someone that is there for Autumn and gives her attention she deserves. Autumn always comes home happy and has a great time with Grace. Autumn loves seeing Grace and has a blast when they are together!

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