Have you wondered if a BASIS Charter School might be the right school for your child? As you plan school for next fall, now is the perfect time to find out if BASIS is the right fit for your family.

BASIS Charter Schools are hosting tours throughout the months of October and November. Each tour is the perfect opportunity for families to learn more about BASIS, ask questions, and discover why BASIS Charter Schools consistently rank among the best schools in the nation.

According to BASIS Charter Schools, their curriculum is unique in several ways:

The curriculum is not centrally written. We just manage it. This means that we choose the subjects and set the standards for the scope and sequence of instruction, but we don’t hand teachers fully written lessons.

Courses are taught by teachers who are experts in their content area, and they have the autonomy to present subject matter in their own creative and engaging ways.

We have a network of experienced mentor teachers—Subject Mentors—who are distributed throughout our schools to assist, advise, and support classroom teachers.

BASIS Charter School students take a rigorous suite of courses that most U.S. schools do not offer, including economics (in middle school), linguistics, engineering, classics (in middle school), and Mandarin (in primary school).

We spiral key concepts and skills from kindergarten through high school, including Advanced Placement (AP) courses, and beyond. As students progress, the connections they make across subjects boost critical thinking skills and deeper understanding. For instance, students in grades 6–8 take biology, physics, and chemistry as stand-alone sciences every year. This structure of advancing and reinforcing content prepares students to excel in the AP courses for these subjects in high school.

For more information and to RSVP for an upcoming tour, visit basised.com/find-a-school.