Ava’s Tree House was created to offer children the gift of childhood in a safe, hyper-clean, comforting environment. Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children’s new 12,000 square foot building will be remodeled into just that, a stress-reducing environment for families impacted by pediatric cancer.

A combination of peace of mind and marvel under one roof, Ava’s Tree House gives parents the guidance and sense of community for which they have longed. Families will feel part of a community with ongoing financial, social, and emotional support, allowing them to leave their troubles behind, if only for a short time.

Chrisie Funari, president and founder of Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children, was inspired by her personal experience of losing her daughter Ava to cancer to find a way to offer support to families going through the struggles and isolation of having a child with pediatric cancer.

“Your child has cancer. Nothing can prepare you for those devastating words,” says Chrisie.

“When I lost Ava, I didn’t give up hope, I knew my story wasn’t unique; all families who have a child with cancer face the same struggles. That’s what inspires me to create change by providing direct assistance to Arizona families who have a child with cancer.”

Ava’s Tree House’s new state-of-the-art resource center is centrally located off 70th street and Shea Boulevard and is on the track to being completed by early 2023.“Ava’s Tree House will be a lasting legacy to Ava who has greatly impacted the loves of so many children with cancer and their families,” says Funari.

Arizona Cancer Foundation for Children’s mission is to provide social, emotional, and financial support directly to families managing the health and wellbeing of a loved one with pediatric cancer. For more information on Ava’s Tree House or to donate, visit azcancerfoundation.org.