By Sondra Barr

Step into the world of Bouldering Project, where families find more than just climbing walls – they discover a vibrant, inclusive community pulsing with adventure and connection. This isn’t your average climbing gym; it’s a dynamic space where kids and parents alike can challenge themselves, forge new friendships, and participate in an array of activities that go beyond the boulder. With locations in cities like Seattle, Austin, and now Tempe, Bouldering Project is reshaping the concept of family fitness and fun, one climb at a time.

“It’s really about making bouldering accessible and enjoyable for everyone,” says Jordon Brown, the community marketing manager at Bouldering Project, “Whether you’re a seasoned climber or a first timer, our doors are open.”

The facility, boasting over 50,000 square feet, includes dedicated yoga and fitness studios, a fitness center, and an extensive climbing area. The innovative color circuit system for climbing routes makes the activity more approachable. “Instead of intimidating grades, we have colors. It encourages exploration and fun,” Jordon explains.

A significant draw for families is the Bouldering Project’s dedication to youth engagement. “Kids are natural climbers,” he says, “We have programs like our climbing clubs – Pebbles (ages 4 to 6), Rocks (ages 7 to10), and Boulders (ages 11 to 14), designed to make climbing a fun, educational learning experience.” These clubs, along with popular spring break and summer camps, offer structured, skill-building sessions for kids.

“At Bouldering Project, we offer specially designed programs and camps for school-aged children, tailored to accommodate climbers of all skill levels. Our approach prioritizes reducing stress and easing the fears associated with heights and falling, ensuring climbing is accessible and enjoyable for every child. The essence of our curriculum is to make climbing not just a sport but a fun, shared experience. We emphasize the joy of climbing and the camaraderie it builds, rather than focusing solely on skill level or competition,” says Jordan.

It’s important to note that Bouldering Project’s popular youth programs and camps are in high demand, and spaces fill up quickly. “We operate on a first-come, first-served basis, so we encourage families to sign up early to secure their spot in these enriching and enjoyable programs,” he says.

But it’s not just about climbing. Bouldering Project places a high value on holistic fitness and community engagement. “We offer a vast range of yoga and fitness classes,” says Jordon, emphasizing the inclusivity of their offerings. Events like movie screenings and family days further enhance the sense of community. “We aim to create a space that’s safe, welcoming, and inclusive for all,” he adds.

Bouldering Project’s commitment to community extends beyond climbing and fitness. The community art program is an example of this, allowing local artists to display throughout Bouldering Project and sell their art without commission. “It’s been a big hit,” Jordon says. “It lets people showcase their talents.”

For parents, there are ample opportunities to join in the fun or enjoy some alone time. “We have adult-focused events and classes too, like our social climbing gatherings and technique classes,” Jordon says. The onsite coffee cart and partnership with a local food vendor add a convenient and enjoyable aspect to visits.

“We’re much more than just a climbing gym; we’re a family-friendly wellness and community center,” he says. A notable feature that parents can look forward to is the enhanced cold plunge experience, currently available a few times a week and soon to become a permanent amenity. Bouldering Project is also adding saunas to its amenities.

“Membership is an all-access pass. This includes not just our top-notch climbing facilities but also our yoga and fitness classes, workout facility, and also wellness features like the cold plunges and saunas, and two free guest passes a month” says Jordon. The inclusive membership model ensures that families can enjoy a diverse array of activities, catering to all ages and interests under one roof, at an affordable cost.

Bouldering Project is located at 2626 S. Hardy Dr., in Tempe. For more information, call 480-716-9014 or visit