Research leads AmeriSchools student to address growing environmental crisis.

The year has been challenging for many students. For 11-year-old Srinidhi Chevru, it was an opportunity to demonstrate her special ability to research, paraphrase, and write a comprehensive report on a subject she’s passionate about.

A seventh grader at AmeriSchools Academy, which offers two different programs, one with children working in classrooms with teachers streaming, and an online school with a teacher meeting with students, Srinidhi thrived in the online program.

According to Srinidhi’s teacher, “Her ability to hear feedback from peers and provide insight is exceptional. Srinidhi has continually demonstrated the ability to grow from situations.”

The final element in Srinidhi’s online program was project based, where students are encouraged to explore ideas they find interesting. They learn to apply system thinking to see connections between these different areas, while identifying a problem that doesn’t have a simple solution.

Interested in pollution because of prior research on the great garbage patch, Srinidhi recognized the problem was one with global ramifications. Her pollution project was one that inspired her fellow students and school administration to think about solutions to the growing problem and take action.

An excerpt from her report included the following poem:


There once were some men
who polluted the Earth
The reason for our birth
The Earth soon became so littered
That birds no longer twittered
And the men finally realized
what our planet is worth.