OM Warrior
Animated video adventure series created by tween teaches the benefits of yoga.

At 14, Maddie Faye Toren became one of the youngest certified yoga instructors in North America. Since then, she’s been teaching kids, tweens, and teens yoga, mindfulness, and meditation.

The first couple years of being certified, Maddie taught classes at local libraries, schools, and events. She was on a mission to empower as many kids as she could, through teaching the benefits of yoga, but to reach more kids she knew she had to change the way she taught her classes and go online.

That’s when the OM Warrior brand was born. First starting with the idea of OM Warrior Kids, a video adventure series for kids, ages 3 to 12 years old, where they learn yoga poses, mindful breathing exercises, and ways to meditate, all through fun and entertaining animated story videos.

She then launched an app, where users have access to 11-plus hours of animated yoga videos, along with activity printable.

“OM Warrior Kids became the catalyst behind my mission to spread the message of good vibes, inclusion, and human connection,” says Maddie, who’s homeschooled.

“Kids have a wonderful time learning yoga poses, practicing mindful meditation, learning why yoga and mindfulness are great for our bodies, and how the video series keeps our bodies staying healthy, encouraging kids to be strong, and empower them to become kind and confident OM Warriors of the world,” she says.

Maddie has since launched an eco-friendly clothing line, where the intention behind the OM Warrior clothing brand is that every person wearing the clothing embodies the purpose and free-spirit behind the brand. From eco-friendly inks to a commitment to producing clothing in child-labor free facilities, Maddie wants every OM Warrior item to spread good vibes.

Now 16, Maddie continues to expand her brand and is working on a new way of connecting for teens, through a yoga, mindfulness, and meditation video series. To learn more, visit