Introducing Now with Nicholas
Join in a monthly adventure with 8-year-old blogger and CEO.

Hi! My name is Nicholas, and this is my first magazine column. I’m excited to write every month about a bunch of fun stuff. I live in Scottsdale, am in second grade, have two younger brothers, and am the CEO of my business, Creations by Nicholas. Also, my favorite food is pizza. What’s yours?

I thought it would be cool to have my first article talk about the word “epic.” Do you know what it means? I didn’t, so I asked my mom. I soon learned that being epic means being adventurous and heroic. Kind of like my favorite superhero, Spiderman.

With summer being over, I came up with five ways kids like us can be epic as we start the school year. Here’s my list.

1. Try new things
I’ve never blogged before, so I guess you can say I’m being adventurous. What’s something new you want to try this year?

2. Help around the house (that’s kind of heroic, right?)
My mom loves it when I help put my baby brother to sleep. What can you do to help your parents?

3. Travel somewhere new
Exploring new places is the best; I love visiting national parks and the beach. If you could visit anywhere, where would it be?

4. Start a new hobby
I love art, so I created a business selling craft plane kits. I turned my hobby into something big, and it makes me feel happy. What’s your favorite hobby?

5. Be a good friend
When I was in first grade, one kid said something hurtful to a buddy of mine. When I heard it, I told him to stop being mean. To me, that’s being heroic. Have you stood up to a bully?

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