Nicholas Noshes

A kid’s culinary adventure at Amelia’s by Eat.

Photos courtesy of Nicholas Bubeck

Welcome to my first official restaurant review!

I was invited to the Friends & Family night at Amelia’s by Eat, a new restaurant in McCormick Ranch. The owner, Stacy Weber, is our friend, and it was so sweet of her to let us have one of the first experiences dining at her restaurant.

Amelia’s is very modern and cool inside, but also super family friendly. It’s decorated with cacti at each table. There’s a big bar in the middle and tons of seating space for diners.

My brothers and I kicked things off with special slushie drinks. They were so good! I chose a kid’s meal, which let me pick three items from several kid-friendly options. My choice? A grilled cheese, Caesar salad, and the “Jack” pretzels. Fun fact: the soft pretzels are named after Stacy’s son Jack, who goes to my school. One of my brothers ordered tomato soup to accompany his grilled cheese for his main dish, proclaiming it was the best soup ever.

My parents ordered a slider board of salmon and tri-tip, sharing that it was delicious.

When you’re done with dinner, I highly recommend dessert. Kids get a free baked good with their meal (I had a chocolate chip cookie). Or you can order off the dessert menu—I suggest the brownie sundae.

Stacy says all the food they serve is made fresh and with healthy ingredients. With a big background in cooking and catering—having worked with celebrities and athletes such as the Cardinals—she’s no stranger to creating tasty dishes.

According to Stacy, opening a restaurant and running a successful catering business takes a lot of work and long hours. However, it’s her passion to create yummy meals while keeping health in mind that drives her.

Now that it’s getting nicer outside, you’ll love sitting on Amelia’s patio. Or if you want a quick bite, you can pick up ready-made meals.

Amelia’s by Eat, is located at 8240 E. Hayden Rd., in Scottsdale, and is open seven days a week. For more information, visit

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