Making Waves: How Kylie Luczywko Swam from Learning a Life Skill to Chasing an Olympic Dream

Photos courtesy of the Luczywko family

A necessary skill turned ambitious dream, fifth-grader Kylie Luczywko of Anthem has evolved from a practical swimmer to aspiring champion. Initiated into swimming at a mere 6 months old for safe family adventures at their lake property in Central Wisconsin, she now ranks among the nation’s top 8% of swimmers in several events.

Although Kylie dabbled in various sports as a young child, swimming was the standout – the one that never elicited complaints. By age 6, she joined Swim Neptune in a pre-competition league, escalating to competitive swimming by age 8.

The drive to push her boundaries, securing first place, entering high-level meets, and achieving her season-start personal goals keeps Kylie motivated and thrilled. This season, she’s eyeing state-qualifying times in the 11-12 age group, aspiring to compete at the Arizona Age Group State Championship in March 2024 in Oro Valley, and hoping to qualify for the 2024 Southwestern Age Group Regionals—having missed last year’s qualification in the 50-yard Butterfly by a mere 0.01 seconds.

While extensive pool time could potentially derail schoolwork, ASU Prep Digital, discovered by Kylie’s family a few years ago through neighborhood friends, proves an adept solution. The virtual school not only quenches Kylie’s knowledge thirst but also provides vital scheduling flexibility for her swim practices and meets.

“For our family, it is the best of both worlds,” says Adriane Luczywko, Kylie’s mom. “The staff, the ease of fitting school into her training, and the amazing academics all make it a great fit for us.”

In the coming year, Kylie intends to apply to Khan World School, a specialized program within ASU Prep Digital designed for academically driven kids. Peering further into the future, she harbors lofty goals: swimming in college, preferably for an NCAA Division One school, and pursuing professional swimming—with the Olympics firmly in her sights and heart.

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