Being positive starts with finding the good in things.

Hi! I’m Nicholas, your Valley-based Epic Kids blogger. I’m a second-grade CEO, and this month I’m writing about being positive: finding the good in things.

Pour some water in a glass and ask yourself: is it half full or half empty?
To me, it’s half full because I choose to focus on the water that’s inside, rather than the water that isn’t. Glass half full people are naturally more positive people!

Here are five ways us kids can be more positive.

1. Have a mantra
A mantra is a powerful sentence that strengthens your mind. My teacher has us say a daily mantra: “Today, I will be kind; happy; and I’ll do my best.”
What’s your mantra?

2. Surround yourself with kind friends

Positive people help you be a better person, and make you feel better about yourself. Pick buddies that bring out the best in you!
Who is your most positive pal?

3. Smile (and sing!)
You can’t be sad if you’re smiling. I looked on Google and found that smiling helps you relax, improves your health, and shows you’re a friendly person. One thing that always makes me smile is upbeat music. Music releases a chemical in your brain called dopamine, which brings you joy.
What song makes your heart happy?

4. Celebrate your happy moments

Each night, invite your family to talk about their success of the day. Did you ace a test? Help someone? Discussing your happy moments is a very positive practice.
What’s your success of the day?

5. Be thankful
Being thankful helps you realize good things in your life.

Here’s an activity: Create gratitude stones––small rocks with a word that reminds you to be grateful. Keep them in your pocket for a more positive day!
What will your stone say?

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