All The World’s a Stage

By Michelle Talsma Everson

Photos Courtesy of Karli Kemper of State 48 Theatre Company and Felix-Albert Desmangles

Eighth grader Zack Desmangles, 13, dreams of being an actor when he grows up. But, instead of that ambition being a distant goal in the far-off future, Zack is actively honing his performing skills now as a regular in productions for State 48 Theatre Company.

Going into his second season with State 48, Zack sings, acts, and dances. Last season, he played a variety of characters, including Nicely Nicely Johnson in “Guys & Dolls,” Fernand Mondego in “The Count of Monte Cristo,” and he was in the show choir in “Thunderstruck.”

When asked if he gets nervous before going on stage, the answer may surprise audience members who see him confidently perform.

“I get very nervous. I do deep breathing exercises and move around a lot before I go onto the stage,” Zack explains. “I get most nervous with the last show of the run, because the last one makes me nervous to make sure it’s perfect and I don’t want to mess up.”

Outside of performing, Zack, who lives in Gilbert, is busy with a schedule full of hobbies and classes.

“When I’m not playing guitar, keyboards, or creating digital music, I enjoy reading, playing video games, and doing fun, outdoor activities like skateboarding, riding my scooter, and riding my bike,” he says. “My favorite classes in school this year include Advanced Drama, the elite Encore Choir, and Rock Band.”

He also enjoys science, he shares. “I’ve always loved experimenting and learning more about how everything around us works.” Zack also makes sure to spend quality time with his younger brother Jayden.

“My parents help me a lot with keeping my schedules straight and helping me to make sure I have fun in between shows, school, and life,” he says about his busy schedule.

“I enjoy meeting new people—both fellow cast members and those who attend my performances,” Zack adds about why he loves performing. “I also just like having the opportunity to explore the different characters that I’m casted for; it lets me imagine myself as that character and then work with how it fits into the play or musical.”

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