Hi, I’m Nicholas, your monthly Epic Kids columnist. I’m a third-grade CEO and I had the cool opportunity to interview Chris Gronkowski.


Chris is one of five Gronkowski brothers: Rob, Gordie Jr., Dan, and Glenn. The only one who didn’t play in the National Football League is Gordie Jr., he played professional baseball. Chris played NFL for the Cowboys, Colts, and Broncos


Chris’ favorite memory in the NFL was playing his brother Rob during a Broncos versus Patriots game. He remembers having 80 friends and family members in attendance.


“I was the middle of five brothers. We were always competing and playing sports. Now, as adults, we are all best friends,” says Chris.


But, at 26-years-old, Chris changed his career.


“Football was my dream. But unfortunately, like every sport, it came to an end, and I found a second game plan.”


Chris’ game plan was to start a business. “Because I love working out, I created a company called Ice Shaker,” he says.

Ice Shaker is a stainless-steel water bottle that keeps your drinks cold up to 30 hours.


At first, Chris shipped all his products out of his house. Then, Chris went on the TV show “Shark Tank” and was picked by Mark Cuban and Alex Rodriguez to get funding for his business.


Chris says “Shark Tank” really helped his business grow.


Since I am a young CEO, I asked Chris for tips on running a successful business. He said it’s important to study hard in school and to have a good team that supports you.


“I love my Ice Shaker team. It’s like we’re going into the locker together getting ready for a game and working to win. It’s so relatable to when I was in football.”


Chris is now a dad to three boys and a baby girl. He loves teaching his kids how to play sports. He also played football for the University of Arizona and his wife went to Arizona State University. That makes watching Wildcat-Sun Devil games extra fun in their household.


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