Three Classic Children’s Books to Read

Dive into these classics and uncover the timeless messages that have touched the hearts of readers for generations.


AUTHOR: E.B. White

AGES: 8-12

SYNOPSIS: On a small farm, a young pig named Wilbur is at risk of being sent to the butcher. Enter Charlotte, a wise and caring spider, who hatches a plan to save him. Through the power of her web and words, she showcases Wilbur’s uniqueness to the world. This touching tale of friendship, sacrifice, and the circle of life teaches readers about the beauty of unlikely friendships and the transient nature of life.


AUTHOR: Frances Hodgson Burnett

AGES: 9-14

SYNOPSIS: Mary Lennox, a spoiled and lonely child, is sent to live with her reclusive uncle in a grand, old mansion on the moors. There, she discovers a locked, neglected garden. With the help of new friends, Mary rejuvenates the garden, and in turn, the garden brings healing and happiness to everyone around it. This enchanting tale illustrates the magic that nature and care can bring to our lives.


AUTHOR: Roald Dahl

AGES: 8-12

SYNOPSIS: Matilda is a brilliant young girl, unfortunately born into a neglectful family. But when she starts school, she discovers not only a love for learning but also special telekinetic powers. With the help of her caring teacher, Miss Honey, Matilda uses her wit and abilities to stand up against the cruel headmistress, Miss Trunchbull. Dahl’s story champions the idea that even the smallest person can stand tall with enough determination.





AUTHOR: Katherine Applegate

AGES: 8-12

Synopsis: Ivan, a silverback gorilla, lives in a cage at a shopping mall. He’s used to his life and spends his days watching TV, painting, and chatting with his friends, Stella the elephant and Bob, a stray dog. Ivan’s predictable life changes when a baby elephant named Ruby arrives. Through Ruby, Ivan begins to see his surroundings differently and vows to find a better life for them both. Narrated by Ivan himself, this touching story blends humor and poignancy, showcasing the power of friendship, art, and promise.



AUTHOR: Sara Pennypacker

AGES: 9-13

SYNOPSIS: Peter and Pax, a boy and his fox, share an unbreakable bond. When a war forces Peter to return Pax to the wild and move in with his grandfather, the two set off on separate journeys to reunite. Peter’s trek through challenging terrains parallels Pax’s adventures and struggles in the wild. With themes of friendship, war, and the bond between humans and animals, this beautifully written tale dives deep into the essence of loyalty and love.


AUTHOR: Chris Grabenstein

AGES: 8-12

SYNOPSIS: Kyle Keeley is a game enthusiast, and when he hears about an opportunity to be one of the first to experience the new town library—a creation of the legendary game maker, Luigi Lemoncello—he knows he has to be there. However, what starts as an exciting sleepover turns into a thrilling challenge: whoever can find a way out of Mr. Lemoncello’s library using only clues hidden within books will win a fantastic prize. Teaming up with friends and racing against time, Kyle must decode the puzzles and find the exit.


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