By Janelle Yoder of Maricopa County Library District

Through “Dogman” and several other series, author Dav Pilkey has been captivating avid and reluctant readers alike with his hilarious storylines and engaging graphic novel format. If you’ve enjoyed the half-dog, half-man detective stories and want more like them, here are some series to try!

“Kitty Quest” by Phil Corbett

Woolfrik and Perigold are kittens who’ve decided to earn some cash as monster slayers. On their first job they earn a special jewel that happens to contain an ancient tower and a ghost kitty who explains its origins. The ghost sets them on a quest with plot twists along the way.


You’ll love the word play, medieval flare, and the map of Pawdor.

“When Pigs Fly” by Rob Harrell

A friendly prank causes Brooklyn, a bat, to bite his friend Gary, a pig. The bite is radioactive, and Gary starts to discover all kinds of new powers. He transforms into Batpig! A third friend, Carl, feels left out and transforms briefly into a villain until his pet lizard becomes an even bigger super villain. The three friends reunite to save the city and continue on with another adventure.


You’ll love how this graphic novel plays off of superhero comics. Plus, you will likely relate to the social dynamics of a trio of friends.

“Hilo the Boy Who Crashed to Earth” by Judd Winick

DJ, an average kid in a family of overachievers, meets Hilo who has fallen to Earth like a meteor. Hilo knows nothing of life on Earth but learns quickly by hanging out with DJ. When a shower of robotic creatures crashes to Earth, it is up to Hilo to save humanity and the world.


You’ll love using voices for all the villains and onomatopoeia; and how the action moves at a very fast pace.  I was out of breath reading the first chapter – AAAAAAH!