Exciting news for young DIY enthusiasts: The Home Depot, in collaboration with Discovery Education, is bringing another month of fun-filled, educational crafting to young minds. Their monthly Kids Workshops are a delightful fusion of creativity, hands-on learning, and a sprinkle of safety know-how.

Every first Saturday of the month, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., Home Depot stores nationwide become buzzing hubs of youthful energy. And on Saturday, October 7, things are set to take off and make a splash. The October special workshop centers on a rescue floatplane.

But this isn’t just about piecing together a toy floatplane. Participants will embark on an enlightening journey to learn how density plays a vital role in how objects interact with water. With hands-on experience, kids will uncover the science of flotation. They’ll brainstorm, design, and then test unique flotation devices that can be attached to their self-made rescue floatplanes. So, not only do they get to play and learn, but they’ll also walk away with a deeper understanding of science in action.

Wait, there’s more! After joining the workshop, families can deepen the learning adventure. By registering, they gain access to exclusive extension activities from Discovery Education. These nifty extensions bring more ways to play with and expand upon the workshop project, introducing unexpected and fun twists.

Are you ready to let your kids’ imaginations soar and dive into the wonders of floatation science? This free workshop is the perfect weekend activity. For more details and to learn about upcoming events, visit sciencefaircentral.com/workshops.