Shake Up Some Fun at JoJo’s ShakeBAR

By Gretchen Pahia

Photos courtesy of JoJo’s ShakeBAR

Fasten your seatbelts because we’re diving into a world where shakes are skyscrapers of yum and every bite takes you on a wild ride of flavors at JoJo’s ShakeBAR! Located at Scottsdale Quarter, this new restaurant on the block (all the way from windy Chicago) is stirring up a storm of fun and flavors that’ll whisk you away to a land where every mouthful is a party!

Imagine sipping on a Pumpkin Patch Shake that’s not just a drink, but a towering spectacle crowned with a taffy apple, a slice of pumpkin pie, a chocolate-toffee pretzel stick, and a toasty marshmallow – every gulp is an autumn adventure waiting to explode in your mouth! And don’t even get us started on the Cowboy Shake – a chocolatey, cookie-crunchy, haysticky, potato-chippy wild west ride in a glass!

Cruising through the menu, you’ll discover treasures that are as playfully yummy as they sound – onion ring tower, honey fried chicken sandwich, and a Nada Burger that packs a punch of flavors without the meat! Whether you’re a sucker for the classic bites or riding the wave of their exciting new offerings, JoJo’s has a delicious adventure waiting for every explorer!

And while the grown-ups might be gushing over their iced pumpkin spiked latte or a warm, cozy hug from the biggie hot chocolate on a chilly fall evening, kids have their own bash going with mocktails like Trix Are 4 Kids and Princess Peach Mule!

But wait, there’s more! JoJo’s isn’t just about the eats and treats; it’s about creating memories! Their Pumpkin Patch Extravaganza brings a festive field right to the desert, offering a pumpkin-picking adventure for buddies and families alike through November 3!

Get ready to bask in the throwback vibes of the ’80s and ’90s, where every corner of JoJo’s shakes (pun intended!) with nostalgic fun and warm, fuzzy feelings of the good ol’ days.

Ready to jump into this delicious adventure? JoJo’s ShakeBAR is located at 15037 N. Scottsdale Rd. Find out more about the ShakeBAR that’s shaking up Scottsdale on their website at