NARPRO (Network of Auto Repair Professionals) is collecting old, expired, and damaged car seats that volunteers will take apart for proper recycling.

Do you have an old or damaged child car seat? NARPRO wants to help recycle it! Anyone can drop off car seats that need to be recycled at one of the participating Network of Neighborhood Auto Repair Professionals shops until April 16. Find a participating NARPRO location at

Car seats don’t last forever, and over time their components will break down, especially in the hot Arizona sun. Older car seats or those that have been involved in an accident may not have visible damage, but they should not be used. This annual event helps those with older, expired, or damaged car seats get rid of them in an environmentally friendly way, by keeping them out of vehicles and landfills.

On April 17, police officers, NARPRO shop owners and volunteers will be dismantling the old car seats. They will recycle the plastic, metal and fabric components separately. For example, elements of the fabric, padding, and straps can be used in animal shelters. Quilted fabric becomes bedding or chew toys for the animals. Long straps make free leashes and lean Polystyrene foam (rigid foam) from seats can be recycled into an Earth Friendly Block.

Each year, this event helps to recycle hundreds of car seats at NARPRO locations across the Valley.