In a spirited celebration of literature and sports, Gateway School in the Creighton School District welcomed a special guest on Monday, Jan. 8, to mark a significant occasion: the launch of the NCAA Read to the Final Four program. With the excitement of the Final Four basketball championship on the horizon in Phoenix this April, the event brought an educational twist to the anticipation.

NCAA President Charles Baker visited Gateway School, not only to promote the importance of literacy but also to personally engage with the students through the power of storytelling. In a reading session, he shared stories, highlighting the program’s goal to encourage reading among young learners.

Following the reading, a press conference was held where the Charles spoke about the NCAA’s commitment to education and the critical role literacy plays in the lives of students. He emphasized the Read to the Final Four program’s aim to inspire children to dive into books with the same enthusiasm they show for sports.

The event was a slam dunk with the students, who not only got to enjoy a storytelling session with the NCAA president but were also gifted books to continue their reading journey at home. In addition, they received an array of NCAA merchandise.

The Read to the Final Four program is set to be a game-changer for promoting literacy, and with the support of the NCAA and schools like Gateway, the future looks bright for young readers across the nation.