Seventy two percent of moms surveyed for the newly released book “Secrets of Supermom: How Extraordinary Moms Succeed at Work and Home & How You Can Too!” reported time and balance as their biggest struggles. Amid career requirements, video meetings, homeschooling, non-stop meal prep, and keeping the house afloat, working moms are more strapped for time than ever. Without clear strategies to manage these competing priorities, many are simply drowning.

“I wrote my book during the pandemic while working full time and homeschooling three of my four kids,” says Phoenix native and first-time author Lori Whitney Oberbroeckling. “I felt prompted to share these strategies now because I know that moms are more overwhelmed and burned-out than ever.”

Oberbroeckling surveyed nearly 200 moms in preparation for the book. She asked where they struggled as well as where they excelled. Her new book provides short chapters and quick tips to teach how extraordinary moms succeed in their careers and with their family.
The book includes actionable exercises, inspiring stories, and fast, how-to steps. Each chapter covers a secret that supermoms know with strategies to apply it, be it the secret of confidence, happiness, or productivity. At the end of each chapter is a one-page wrap-up, so even those with the most limited time can benefit from the book.

“Secrets of Supermom” explains why perfect balance is simply a lie. Additionally, the book covers the four secrets every working mom must know, how to prioritize the mind and body for the highest energy leading to top performance, and the critical skills to create a life to love both at work and home.

“I believe, with the right tools, moms can have extraordinary careers while at the same time have extraordinary home lives–without sacrificing either,” Oberbroeckling says.

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