💐Ask for the Mother’s Day gift you’ll enjoy forever… a Chanson Family Film! 💐

A Chanson Family Film captures one of your best days together as a family, then beautifully edits it and sets it to music so you can forever remember this once-in-a-lifetime stage in your family.

⭐️ Deal: $500 off any Family Film ⭐️

  • Purchased before Mother’s Day (the actual session can occur after that).
  • Works for Mothers or Grandmothers!
  • Photos are included in the filming session.

🎥 www.thechansons.com/family-films/ 🎥

Here’s the response from one of the moms in this film…

 “I’ve had the privilege of working with the Chansons for the last 15 years and when they came to us with the idea for a Family Film, I was against it because I felt that it would be weird and I didn’t know what to do. After chatting for about 5 minutes, their passion shone through and they’d devised an amazing plan for our film. So off we went into the mountains and I cannot find the words to thank them enough for talking us into this film. It captured my youngest missing his two front teeth, the passion in my oldest for his legos, and the things that our family loves at this point in our journey.  Words don’t exist for any of the pictures that the Chansons have taken over the years, but this film takes the top prize.” – Ashley

*Film quote credit: Gretchen Rubin