Mia Lovell, a seventh grade student at Phoenix Country Day School, recently competed in Exposure, an international skateboarding competition for women in Encinitas, California. Mia placed fourth in the 14 and under division.

Q. How did you get started in skateboarding?
A. I started pushing a board around when I was four years old. I went to my first skate park when I was six and have been skating ever since.

Q. How much time do you spend preparing for competitions? Does it interfere with your studies?
A. I practice two to three hours per day, four days per week. Because of the seven-day rotation at PCDS, I have a day or two to complete assignments for class. I have learned to prioritize and allow myself enough time to complete my work.

Q. What type of tricks did you perform in the competition?
A. This competition involved street, park, handrails, stair sets, ledges, and flipping your board.

Q. What makes you love skateboarding so much?
A. I just love the feeling I get when I try something new and land tricks in front of a crowd. Their excitement motivates me, and I thrive on that stuff. Skateboarding is a mental game. You have to overcome your fears, try new tricks, and if you don’t land them, get up and try again.