I got the chance to interview one of my favorite authors, Dan Gutman, who wrote “The Homework Machine” and “Nightmare at the Book Fair.” He’s most known for the “My Weird School” series with 98 books (and more to come!). Here’s my Q&A with the New York City-based author and baseball fanatic.


Did you always want to be an author?

I wanted to be a photographer, but I expressed myself better through writing; it came naturally to me.


Why do you love writing books?

It makes me feel good to write silly words that have a positive impact on children, getting them excited about reading and writing.


What were you like in 4th grade?

I wasn’t a big reader and thought it was boring and hard. I wanted to know everything about sports, so I started reading books about athletes and that’s what got me interested in reading and writing.


How do you dream up ideas for your books?

I write about things kids can fantasize about. I take an ordinary kid and put them in an extraordinary situation; for example, a kid who invents a machine that does their homework automatically. Kids like to read about adults doing dumb things, like in the “My Weird School” series. I’m also inspired by son and daughter and remember what it was like to be a kid.


What’s your favorite book you wrote?

“Johnny Hangtime,” about a kid who is a Hollywood stunt man.


Advice for young aspiring authors?

Read “My Weird Writing Tips,” my fun book about writing! Also, when you write something, read it aloud while pretending to be somebody else. Through someone else’s eyes, you can see what could make it better.


Who do you admire?

Creative people like The Wright Brothers and The Beatles.


Fun facts about you?

I’m left-handed, partly color blind, and enjoy travelling. Also, my illustrator lives in Gilbert, AZ!


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