The halls of Great Hearts Glendale Academy at 23276 N. 83rd Ave. have a new friendly face, and it’s not your average student. Mabel, a year-old Bernedoodle, made her debut this school year, and she’s quickly becoming a favorite among the student body.

The beginning of a school year can be daunting for students, especially with the challenges of adapting to a new environment, new faces, and academic pressures. Recognizing these stresses, the academy introduced Mabel, trained specifically to offer therapeutic support and comfort to students from kindergarten to 12th grade.

The therapeutic value of dogs in educational environments has been researched extensively, and the findings highlight numerous mental health benefits. Dogs like Mabel can help ease anxiety, provide a calming presence during emotional moments, and even boost overall positivity within school premises.

Mabel’s role is not just restricted to occasional hallway strolls. She’s been trained to identify and approach students who might be experiencing heightened emotions. Alongside this intuitive support, Mabel also participates in reading circles, offering a furry cuddle to students who might need an additional touch of comfort.

“The response to Mabel has been overwhelming,” shares a faculty member. “It’s incredible to see the instant change in mood when students interact with her. She’s more than just a pet; she’s a companion offering solace during tough times.”

For many students, especially those in the formative years of their education, adjusting to the school environment can be a challenge. Mabel’s presence, with her tail wags and eager snuggles, promises a safe space for students to voice and process their emotions.

The academy’s initiative to integrate therapy dogs into the educational milieu reflects a broader trend recognizing the importance of mental health in academic settings. As Mabel continues her journey at Great Hearts Glendale Academy, her impact is a testament to the positive change and comfort that therapy animals can bring to educational institutions.

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