Photo courtesy of Chandler Unified School District

Guess who swam to the top at the Chandler Parade of Lights? The Chandler Unified School District (CUSD) Transportation team. They make waves at the community event with their “Baby Shark” and “Yellow Submarine”-themed float!

On December 2, the streets of Chandler turned into a sea of lights and colors. Among the many wonderful displays, there was one that caught everyone’s eye – a float that looked like it sailed right out of a cartoon! The CUSD Transportation team, known for taking kids to school safely, showed their creative side by decorating their float with twinkling lights and fun decorations inspired by the popular “Baby Shark” song and the classic “Yellow Submarine.”

The judges were so impressed that they awarded the team not one, but two top prizes! CUSD Transportation won first place in the “Best Lit Community Group” category and also bagged the “Judge’s Choice” award.

The team will be honored with an award recognition ceremony on January 8. The ceremony will be held in the City of Chandler’s Council Chambers, and it’s going to be a big celebration.

Kids and parents alike love the CUSD Transportation team for their dedication and holiday spirit. It’s not just about driving buses; it’s about bringing joy and smiles to the community. Their parade float showed just how creative and fun they can be.