Carson conquers cancer!

By Michelle Talsma Everson
Photos By Selena Sorensen

As the dynamic duo behind Upper West Side PHX, a grassroots community movement that encourages specialty shops and restaurants to open in the Northwest Valley, Katie Roe and Kristi Hunter are well-known for helping others in the local community. Now, Kristi’s 7-year-old daughter Carson is conquering cancer and her family could use local support to help pay for the medical bills and costs associated with battling the disease.

“Kristi is half of the Upper West Side PHX team and responsible for most of what you normally see on our social media,” Katie Roe shared on Upper West Side PHX’s popular Facebook page. “The week before Thanksgiving she [Kristi] was confronted with a parent’s worst nightmare. Her otherwise happy and healthy daughter, Carson, was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer and underwent surgery to remove a large tumor.”

After the surgery, which took place in late November, Carson began what will be nearly two months of chemotherapy.

To help the family with unexpected medical bills, Katie is managing an online fundraiser at Those who can are encouraged to donate to the fundraiser and/or share it on their social media pages to help spread the word. Supporters are also encouraged to use the #carsonconquerscancer hashtag on social media.

“Kristi is a West Valley native, one of the kindest people I know, and is always helping others in the community,” Roe says. “Now it is our chance to help her.”

Kristi Hunter shares that dozens of local businesses have already stepped up to help the family through this tough time. “All local all the time,” Hunter says. “We have had a village surrounding us and taking care of us through all of this.”

To help support the Hunter family and Carson’s cancer journey, visit The page will be updated as the journey continues. Supporters are also welcome to reach out at [email protected].