Elementary Arizona 2021
Sixth grader Sadie Jane Scott competed in national pageant.

Sadie Jane Scott, a sixth grader, was chosen to represent Arizona in Little Rock, Arkansas, during the Miss Elementary America Pageant this summer.

Sadie Jane attributes her successes to her eclectic education. Her favorite competition in pageants is the interview portion, where she gets to answer questions about herself, her community, and various topics ranging from peer pressure and social media to world events and more.

Not only for pageants, but all year, she collects items to donate to Sun Valley Animal Shelter, volunteers at Rock Steady Boxing Phoenix (a boxing gym for people with Parkinson’s Disease), packs boxes at Feed My Starving Children, and hopes to work towards an internship at her favorite animal conservation park.

In Miss Elementary America, Sadie Jane competed with 38 other sixth graders from all around the country. Delegates competed in personal interview, community service, fun fashion, and formal wear. The title went to Miss Aloha State, Aspen Taylor, from Hawaii.


Sadie Jane Scott
Age: 10
School: Western Sky Middle School

When did you compete in your first pageant? 
I competed for the first time when I was 9 months old.

What’s it like being on stage in front of a lot of people?  
I find it very exciting, enjoyable, and easy. Besides panel-style and one-on-one personal interviews, it is my favorite part of pageants.

Do you get nervous performing in front of people?
Sometimes I get nervous, but the good kind of nervous! I take a deep breath, smile, and just go for it.

What are some of the things you like about competing in pageants?  
As an only child, the most fun part of competing in pageants is getting to meet tons of girls around my age and making lots of friends. We get to do events and parties together all year, and like this summer, road trip across the country together!

What’s the most challenging thing about competing in pageants?
Getting support can be hard because it is challenging to get people to understand pageants and what really happens when a person competes. Win or lose, with each pageant, I gain life skills and confidence in myself to keep trying new things. Pageants are way more than looking pretty and wearing fancy dresses, that’s for sure.

What advice would you give to another kid who wants to compete in pageants?  
Start in a local pageant and see if you like it. Just like anything else, it takes practice and dedication. Learn from all of it, and you can’t ever “lose.”