Q. What inspired your Gold Award project?
A. The lack of recycling bins on Peoria High School’s campus.

Our goal was to not only get more recycling bins on campus but to also promote the importance of recycling. Doing this we hosted informational booths about the world and how recycling and cutting down waste would influence this. We created and maintained a recycling pick up schedule for our club members to promote and ensure items are getting recycled.

Q. What were the results or impact of your project?
A. Increased recycling and more knowledge about the impacts of trash on land and in our seas.

Q. What important lessons did you learn about yourself?
A. I learned how to delegate tasks to my members and how to create achievable goals in a timely manner. Through this project, I have learned the qualities of being a leader.

Q. How long have you been a Girl Scout?
A. 12 years.

Q. What high school do/did you attend?
A. Peoria High School.

Q. What are your future plans, after high school?
A. My future plans are to study sustainability at Arizona State University in Tempe.

Q. Any other interesting information you would like us to know?
A. St. Vincent de Paul graciously donated 40 used food crates for PHS to use as recycling bins. So the food crates were upcycled (cutting down on landfill waste) to recycling bins.